2018 Rüdesheim Riesling, dry

2018 Rüdesheim Riesling, dry

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The nose is full of cool minerality and very delicate nuances of fruits, such as apples, peaches and lychee. This is a fascinating interaction with the derivative flavours of fermentation. The mineral impact on the tongue is very obvious and distinguishable from the entry-level; it shows rudimentary what we want to show with the wines of our upper-class. But as an independent wine in our portfolio the Rüdesheim Riesling fills the mouth with nuances of stone fruit and the typical Riesling fruit. You will also find exotic impressions with ripe apples; Mirabelle, peach and also hints of wild herbs are easy to detect. We recommend pairing this wine with light roasted chicken breast in puff pastry, or zander with passion fruit foam with glazed curry-avocado-cubes.